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Had a good meal at Ruths’ Chris tonight. The NY Strip was excellent and shannon said the lobster tails were good, but not as good as the ones in RI. On another subject I have found SoulSeek to be the perfect program to trade rare electronica MP3′s I highly suggest you check it out. I […]

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Pocket PC Apps

I have been doing TONS of searchs for freeware pocket pc apps lately, and discovered some really sweet ones. So, I figured I share with everyone. First off, MS released a Theme Switcher, which allows quick and easy previews of themes and can also autmatically switch for you. Second is Calender+, which displays upcoming appointments […]

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ROMS are those things that are on the memory chips inside your old cartridge based video game systems (i.e. nintendo). Well some evil genius wrote an emulator which interpets the rom programming so it can run on your PC (or and PC based device). I just noticed that someone wrote one for the Pocket PC […]

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Big Lebowski

Me and the little woman hit the ole bowling lanes last weekend for some fun. We enjoyed a great dinner at a resturant called “Moody Monkey”, which offered almost 100 bottled beers. I allowed Shannon to pick, and she selected something with a name like, Mutt Face Old Dog beer, which tasted alittle like Sierra […]

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I started the process of adding all my DVDs to the site after noticing that DVDTracker costs money! Free is better, and I have more control over the look and feel. Anyway, you can view my partial collection while I attempt to slowly add them all in. DVD Collection.

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New Games

Finally had a weekend off to do nothing at all but play some video games. Since my hard drive crash killed off all my saved games I fired up a new one, Neverwinter Nights. This has to be one of the the best RPGs visually I have ever played, its tough as balls to play, […]

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Back From Vegas

I made it home safe and sound from another trip to lovely Las Vegas. Besides the usual dry weather (which wrecks havoc on my sinuses) it was a good time. No pictures this time, however I did hit for $100 on my favorite slot machine! I also stayed in a different room at the Venetian […]

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Click Click Boom

Sonofabitch, my worst nightmare has come true, one of my 80gig drives in RAID0 bit the dust. I tried everything to save the data (including ALL my digital photos, programs, saved games, movies, 70+ albums and almost a complete collection of FamilyGuy episodes), then I tired to save the drive. The drive makes a really […]

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I hope they have a safe and happy new year! Enjoy the day off work and recover from your hangovers, mine is still hurting me, what a way to start 2003! I snagged a new Dell Axim Pocket PC and a 128 SD card. Boy oh boy, this […]

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